People - Suood, Anwar and Co., Attoreys at Law, Maldives

Husnu Al-Suood, Senior Counsel and Partner

Mr. Suood is one of the most prominent lawyers in the Maldives. He has in the past held positions such as the Chief Judge of the Civil Court of the Maldives and the Attorney General of the Maldives. He has also served as Chairman of the National Law Reform Commission, President of the Clemency Board, Member of the Judicial Services Commision and Member of the Human Rights Commission. He is also founding member of the National Center for Huaman Rights and Democracy.

He was also elected MP for Addu Constituency of the Special Majlis which drew up the current Constitution of the Maldives.

His publications include; Maldivian Legal System, Understanding Maldivian Company Law, Our Rights Our Country, International Human Rights.